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 Home Migraine Remedy

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PostSubject: Home Migraine Remedy   Home Migraine Remedy Icon_minitimeSat Mar 20, 2010 7:23 am

Just wanted to share the best home remedy I've found for migraine - it's marjoram essential oil. It's a very effective and cheap remedy. All you need to do is add around 10 drops of marjorma essential oil to a warm bath. Don't use any soaps or bubble bath as this breaks the oil down and remember to add the essential oil once the bath has run. (If you add it too early you'll lose a lot of the oil in the steam.) Do this before bed and not only will you have a great night's sleep in most cases your migraine will be gone in the morning. If not have another bath during the day, have some quiet time and rest. It works a treat!
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Home Migraine Remedy
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