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PostSubject: Ulcer   Ulcer Icon_minitimeWed Jun 23, 2010 8:28 pm

Hello everybody,

I'm new to this forum and I've been finding a ton of useful information here.

I was diagnosed with an ulcer in January. After an endoscopy and 3 doctors later, I was prescribed a ton of medication that didn't work. In the beginning the pills they gave me worked, but eventually stopped. I was on my 8th day of heartburn and was taking 8-10 pills daily, when I decided to try to heal my symptoms naturally.

I began taking enzyme vitamins to compensate for an enzyme deficiency that was causing my pains. I then went on a raw foods diet. The diet wasn't 100% raw foods and I still ate meat, but 75% of my diet was raw foods. When I say raw foods, I don't mean eating celery sticks and carrots for dinner. There are a ton of delicious recipes for raw foods. It's not as drastic as you think it would be.

I started eating raw foods for breakfast and lunch. I actually enjoyed it and still eat a raw foods diet today.

The key to starting the diet is to start really slow. Just one meal a day and work yourself up to eating 2 meals.

The other thing I did was I drank cabbage juice 4 times a day. Just take some cabbage, put it in a blender and add water. You'll notice a huge difference within a matter of days. Within about 6 weeks of doing this, I noticed a huge difference and have never had discomfort from ulcers again.
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