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 Cellular regeneration.A battle won against incurable disease

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Cellular regeneration.A battle won against incurable disease Empty
PostSubject: Cellular regeneration.A battle won against incurable disease   Cellular regeneration.A battle won against incurable disease Icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 2:21 am

Hello, everyone! I feel the need to share my story with you, in the hope that it might be helpful for others. My daughter, was diagnosed with “Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia” in terminal faze. The disease struck unexpectedly, not having many symptoms in the early stages of development. Me and my wife noticed that she was constantly tired, and she was pale, but we thought that it is something less serious: vitamin deficiency. The vitamins we gave her didn't help at all, so we've decided to take her to the hospital for a complete check-up. This is the manner in which we discovered the seriousness of her condition. According to the oncologist, even with marrow transplant and chemo her odds of surviving were slim. Without treatment, she would have survived 6 to 8 weeks. I was in the horrible position in which, I as a father, couldn't help my daughter. We didn't have enough money for the transplant, and the insurance wouldn't cover it. We turned towards alternative methods: from Chinese medicine to witchcraft. Yes, I even resorted to that! After 3 weeks without results, a friend of mine, recommended “Apa Vie” from the Carpathian mountains. I was desperate, so I said at least I should give it a try. We bought the water from - Mythicalspring com -, and my daughter started feeling better. This gave me hope! My daughter stayed alive for four months without the operation. In that time, I loaned and loaned money, eventually, being able to pay for the operation. She survived for more longer than the expectancy. The oncologist was amazed that she was ok after all that time without an operation. He was even more surprised when her test results came back. She was recuperating at a fast pace, exceptionally well. My daughter is now eight years old. She is leading a normal and healthy life! I don't know exactly what this water is, but I do have the certitude that it helped with the recuperation of my daughter. I am sharing with you this in the hope that it may also help you or your loved ones. No one should have to go through such an experience.
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Cellular regeneration.A battle won against incurable disease
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